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Prayer CenteringEvery Tuesday evening from 6:30 – 7:00pm in room 127, there will be a gathering for Centering Prayer. We begin with a brief introduction to the practice, then enjoy 20 minutes of silence as we invite and consent to the presence of God among us. It’s a terrific way to pay attention to one’s spiritual life. Why not give it a try?

Sunday, September 21, 2014
Scripture: Matthew 20:1-16
Preaching: The Rev. Scott Dalgarno
Sermon Title: "Life Isn’t Fair, So Keep Calm and Carry On”


Dinner at Vinny's 2014 from Third Sun Productions on Vimeo.

Dinner at Vinny’s is a mission of Wasatch Presbyterian Church. To find out how Wasatch supports this cause, visit our “Give to the Community”

If you would like to donate to this cause, visit: http://loveutgiveut.razoo.com/story/Dinner-At-Vinny-S

For more information, see: https://dinneratvinnys.org/

Crossroads Urban Center

We are grateful for the gifts of food, clothing, household goods, diapers, baby food, and money that we receive all year long. During the holidays, we receive gifts that help keep us going well into the new year. Crossroads only exists because of the generosity of hundreds of individuals, businesses, faith communities, and other groups that support our work. Our work is sustained by private donors.
We receive very little government funding.
Food of the month: Canned fruit
Thrift store: Men’s and boy’s long pants

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Wasatch Presbyterian Church


Wasatch Presbyterian Church is a congregation of...

...seekers and disciples, all trying to find their own unique way to follow God.

...those who have lots more questions than answers,

those who have lived a life as faithfully as they could, knowing life is just plain difficult.

...those who hope to help make the world a better place.

We have young and old here. We have singles and those in all kinds of family configurations.

We have gays and straights, those who have been Presbyterian all their life and many more who are relatively new to church or to faith.

We have many who are spiritually hungry and institutionally suspicious.

We come together each week to try to experience God and to make a difference in this world , a world we believe God loves deeply.

We come here as often as we can to find purpose, and strength, meaning, and new ways to cope with all we are involved in all week long. 

At Wasatch, we catch our breath, spiritually speaking.

From within our church building to the streets of Salt Lake, and around the world, we believe God's love and hope are needed everywhere.  We want to be part of what God is doing in the world.


Don't worry, we will NOT single you out in worship and make you say anything or be introduced--you can feel safe here.  We will respect you, honor your seeking and your questions.    There is no dress code for church.  People wear everything from sport-coats and dresses to work clothes and jeans.  Please come and feel free to be yourself.  Join in as much as you want or as little as you need to get a sense of who we are as God's people meeting in this place.

Wasatch Presbyterian Church has many people who have been members of this church, or some church, for a long time.  Their wisdom and experience is invaluable to all of us as we seek to be followers of Jesus Christ

We also have many people - of all ages and from diverse backgrounds - who are new to church and/or new to faith.  They give us new eyes to see how we can best worship God in this new day in history. That’s why individuals and families of all kinds and configurations are welcomed warmly at this church.

Worship at Wasatch is traditional and contemporary – take your pick.  The contemporary worship features fresh sounding guitar-led music.  It meets Sundays at 9am.  We call it “I Believe” but what we believe covers a wide swath of believing.

Traditional worship with choir and organ happens every Sunday at 11:15am. We are especially proud of our organist/choir director, Ken Udy, who is professor of organ at The University of Utah.  He is talented and he is also a very nice guy. 

There are sermons at both services. Our pastor’s (Scott Dalgarno) preaching is anchored in the Bible, but it is also informed by his love of literature, film, history, and his fascination with popular culture.  He is a poet and a story-teller and humor shows up in every service, just as it shows up in every part of life.


If you take the Bible literally you may be disappointed here. We hope not, but we think you should know that we don’t take all of scripture literally (any more than Jesus did), but we DO take it seriously