Church Officers are essential to the mission and operation of Wasatch.  They also provide members a wonderful opportunity to get involved and make a difference in the life of the church. 


The Session is responsible for setting policy and overseeing the operations of the church.  Session elders are elected by the congregation.  Session members are responsible for overseeing the following Committees:

  • Budget & Finance (B&F) manages the church's finances, including analyzing and working within the budget that Session approves. B&F is committed to being a faithful steward of the financial gifts, tithes and offerings given to the church.

  • Congregational Life (CL) encourages fellowship at Wasatch by providing support for all-church events, Sunday morning coffee hours, and other activities throughout the year. CL is committed to creating a warm and joyful environment for all ages at Wasatch.

  • Membership Development strives to welcome new faces to Wasatch and provides newcomers an introduction to the church community. Membership is committed to providing a friendly and welcoming environment for all those new to Wasatch.

  • Buildings & Grounds (B&G) oversees management of the facility in all capacities. B&G is committed to ensuring that Wasatch is a safe, inviting, and well-maintained site for all purposes.

  • Personnel provides oversight for all personnel needs related to church staff. Personnel is committed to making Wasatch an open, supportive, and appealing workplace.

  • Investment manages the investments of the church in accordance with its Investment Policy. Investment is committed to the principle that the financial assets of the church are entrusted by God to help accomplish the work of the church.

  • Adult Education manages educational classes for adults throughout the year, both on Sunday mornings as well as other times. Adult Ed is committed to providing a wide range of curriculum that offer opportunities for spiritual development for all.

  • Children's Ministry (CM) supports the Director of Children's Ministry in providing education, fellowship, and service opportunities for children ages birth-6th grade and their families. CM is committed to building a strong community of faith for children and their families.

  • Service oversees a wide variety of service endeavors at Wasatch. Service is committed to taking actions that improve the lives of others, be it locally, nationally, or globally.

  • Worship & Music (W&M) supports the worship experience at Wasatch by collaborating with staff on a range of worship-related things, including music, liturgy, decorations, etc. W&M is committed to making worship a meaningful experience for all.

  • Youth Ministry supports the Youth Director in providing education, activities, and pastoral support for youth in grades 7-12. Youth is committed to helping pre-teens and teens thrive and feel supported during the middle school and high school years.


The Deacons are committed to addressing the needs of the congregation and community as messengers of hope, friendship, and love. In this capacity, they:

  • Provide meals to those who are ill, grieving, recovering from surgery or welcoming a new baby into the family.

  • Prepare and serve communion in worship

  • Read prayer cards in worship

  • Administer home communion to people who are unable to attend church services.

  • Provide transportation

  • Provide regular visits and phone calls to people in transition.

  • Host funeral receptions

  • Manage weekly flowers at worship, Christmas poinsettias, and Easter lilies