December 14, 2017


We had eight energetic youth attend Saturday's Lock-In! 

We danced, ate, played Night Games, watched a movie, and played Minute to Win It challenges (including Cheeto Head, Pringles Taste Test, Marshmallow Mouth Race, Duct-Tape Wall Challenge, Youth Gift Wrapping, & more), before turning out the lights at 2am to get a few hours of sleep. 

A big thanks to Ethan Kiburtz for helping out for the night, Rebecca Sandulli for bringing us bacon and eggs for breakfast, and the Mullin family for bringing sodas and juice!

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Thursday, December 14

This Sunday, December 17 Service Project: 
Let's bake cookies together and deliver them to those who are not able to leave their houses due to illness or age related ailments and those who might be having a hard time this Christmas season 12 - 3pm.  This was the youth's idea for a service project,
specifically Paul, Mira, & Ethan who, last month, raked leaves for a church member who cannot leave her house. RSVP
We will have confirmation for youth, 9th grade & older, beginning in late January.  An informational meeting will be held at 12:15pm January 14th for youth & parents who would like more details.

Confirmation will be held for a series of ten one-hour sessions in a casual conversational format. We will explore the Christian faith, Presbyterian denomination, the role religion plays in society and our individual lives, and where we are at (and want to be) in our faith journeys.

This is an open and accepting class where youth can ask questions without cliche answers. At the end of the ten sessions, participants will write their own faith statements and decide how they want to move forward in their individual faith journey. Contact me for more details or to sign up.

As always, I welcome individual meetings with parents and/or youth at a coffee shop near you. I am also in the church office Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings.

Thanks so much for your youth's participation!

Dawn Fleishman