April 27, 2018


It is time to register for Camp Tuttle so we can get the early bird discount!

If your youth will be attending either the 7th & 8th Grade Camp (July 15-20) or High School Adventure Camp (July 22-27), please complete Camp Tuttle's online registration (linked below).  Please do not submit any payment at time of registration.  Instead, please submit to me a check (made out to Wasatch Presbyterian) in the amount of $245 by next Sunday, May 6th so that we can then send one large check for all Wasatch Presbyterian attendees that includes our contribution of $100  (junior high) or $125 (high school) per youth.  Register for Camp Tuttle

Additionally, if your youth will participate in one or both portions of the August mission and rafting trip, please turn in a $150 deposit (check made out to Wasatch Presbyterian Church) by May 20th.  The total cost is $300.  Note: If your youth is only going on the rafting portion, the cost is $250. The mission portion is $50. Also, partial scholarships are available.

Our chaperones for the rafting trip are Ethan, Sunya, Tracie, & myself.  I am looking for a trusted adult (of either gender) to help me chaperone the Denver portion of the trip (Sunday morning, August 5th - Wednesday morning, August 8th) and one more male to chaperone the rafting trip (Wednesday afternoon, August 8th - Saturday afternoon, August 11th).  Let me know if might be interested.

Thank you!