September 8, 2019

Counting the Cost

Luke 14: 25-33

Two mornings a month I sit on these steps here, below the pulpit, with about 70 children at a time from our Wasatch Presbyterian Preschool. We look at a Bible story together for a few minutes. A few years ago, while waiting for all the classes to gather up here, one by one, I was visiting with one of the four-year-olds. He was asking about our stained glass windows and we looked together at the one over here of Jesus on the cross. And he said, (and I quote), “Jesus is always dying.” It was one of those times, you know, when you realize it takes a child to sum something up for you. I don’t know where he went to church or what books he’d been looking into but he knew the odd and awful fact that when you see Jesus he’s most often hanging on a cross and it’s sure …. not … pretty.