September 15, 2019

Lost & Found

Luke 15:1-10

More than once I’ve reminded us of how our Amish brothers and sisters handle the problem of disunity in their family units. You will remember that it has to do with members of the family who are missing. Each and every mealtime the family will set a place for a son or daughter who is gone for any reason, even for those who have willingly abandoned the family. Nobody else sits in their place. Nobody else uses those dishes or utensils. They are waiting there for that person from the beginning of the meal to the end. This is repeated three times a day, so that person is remembered regularly and always with the placing of each fork, each knife, every plate, or bowl, or spoon. And here’s the most important part: the missing person knows very well this is happening, every mealtime, as well. That is one powerful ritual.