September 1, 2019

When God Says, “I Miss You”

Jeremiah 2:4-13

As I said, Jeremiah speaks of how we have a habit of substituting cracked cisterns that won’t hold water, for God, the original fountain of living water.  It made me think of Jeffrey Epstein, the sexual predator who took his own life in federal custody.

Some people said he did it out of despair, knowing that he was facing spending the rest of his life in prison. I imagine it was despair all right, but if you’ve read a bit more about him, you know it’s more complex than that.  Here was a man who lived in the largest single family dwelling in Manhattan, who owned his own private jet and even his own island.  He had this little empire, but he built it on being very open and candid about his sins. He was even somewhat proud of being made a pariah because of them.  He was open about his taste for young girls and, early on, this led the very wealthy who either wanted to live like him or did live like him, to befriend him.