March 4, 2018

Good Timing, Bad Timing

Many years ago in India, a group of men traveling through desolate country found a seriously wounded man lying beside the road.  They carried him to a Christian Missionary hospital and asked the physician who met them at the door if a bed was available.  The physician looked at the injured man and immediately saw that he was an Afghan, a member of the warring Patau tribe.  “Bring him in,” he said, “For him we have a bed.”  When the physician examined the man, he found that an attacker had seriously injured his eyes and the man’s sight was imperiled.  The man was desperate with fear and rage, pleading with the doctor to restore his sight so that he could find his attacker and extract retribution.  “I want revenge,” he screamed.  “I want to kill him.  After that I don’t care whether I am blind for the rest of my life.”