March 26, 2017

Giving Up The Idea of Being “Well”  

As I have said many times, the Bible does not speak with one voice.  On this matter, the matter of the cause of a man’s illness, The Book of Proverbs in the Hebrew Bible tells us that if you are well and rich it is because God has blessed you. Yes, and if you are poor and blind it’s because you must have sinned. This is why the disciples ask the question. But there is also a book in the Hebrew Testament that objects to this understanding and it objects to it strenuously.  It’s the Book of Ecclesiastes.  There the writer says, whether you are rich and healthy, or sick and poor is most often a matter of chance.

I love this about the Bible.  It is such a living library of books, books that often  correct one another.  Yes, and by doing this, it gives us a record of a lively debate that has been going on for a several thousand years. What is important is not your circumstances, it’s your attitude to them. Jesus clearly sided with Ecclesiastes.