August 25, 2019

Youth Sunday!*

On Sunday, August 25, the youth led all aspects of the worship service. They read scripture, led an interactive Call to Worship, and gave the charge and benediction. They served as ushers, announced the passing of the peace, and welcomed people into the service and worship. Additionally, they led the time for children, the time of prayer, and a song. It was beautiful to see our church’s youth engaged in these leadership roles. In the sermon slot, seventeen of our youth reflected on their summers of service and connection. Over the summer, they volunteered as a youth group at 13 different local nonprofits, participated in a service trip, Camp Tuttle, Triennium, and a four-day rafting trip. They went out to lunch together, participated in youth fundraisers, spent a day at Lagoon, and invaded the Fleishman’s home for movie and pizza night.

*There is not a print copy available for this service.