Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts

Troop 38 & Pack 3038 are multi-denominational and meet here at Wasatch Presbyterian Church. They have a long history of inclusiveness – to all boys and adults regardless of means, race, religion or orientation.  In Utah’s outdoor classroom we teach and learn citizenship, character development and personal fitness. We strive to create life-changing experiences while utilizing the following method:

  • We camp 10 out of 12 months of the year.

  • We let the Scouts experience guided leadership.

  • We engage in respectful dialogue when opinions differ.

  • We work as a team.

  • We take on challenges.

  • And we allow Scouts to make mistakes in a safe environment and learn from them.

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Troop 38 Mission Statement

To provide unique experiences for our Scouts to learn, play and grow into well-rounded individuals with integrity, grit and an appreciation for the outdoors.

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Guiding Principles

  • Inclusiveness: We are multi-denominational with a long history of inclusiveness regardless of race, religion or orientation.

  • Outdoors: The Troop focuses on getting the scouts outside and being active so they can learn lessons and experience the transformative qualities of wild nature.

  • Guided leadership: As adults, we create a safe environment for the boys to make mistakes and learn from them.  We encourage respectful dialogue and active participation in our community, nation and world.

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Scout Master - Alan Wadge

Committee Chair - Robert Cummings

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