Family Promise is an Interfaith Alliance in the Salt Lake area that assists recently homeless families to get back on their feet with temporary shelter and support.  Wasatch is a founding member and hosts 4 families once each quarter, providing them with access to our facility and the loving care of our congregation.  Many opportunities are available to volunteer including hosting the families, cooking meals, setup/teardown for the week, and laundry.  For more information, contact our Family Promise Chair, Allison Clements, at

Upcoming Hosting Weeks

Wasatch Presbyterian is one of 13 hosting sites, and our next turn is May 20th through May 27th.  Please volunteer to help out!  No experience is required, and we will make sure you feel prepared and trained for any assignment you take on.

Here are some ways to support this great service:

(1) PLEASE SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER FOR OUR NEXT HOSTING WEEK HERE,  We are expecting a harder time filling volunteer slots over the holiday weekend, so if you're going to be in town and are free, please sign up!

(2) Please share this note with one Wasatch or Mount Olympus friend who hasn't volunteered before but might be interested - volunteering is a great way to spend time with friends.

(3) We are looking for a few brave souls to join our core team of Family Promise volunteer organizers - a fulfilling experience!  Please email Allison if you might be interested and we can talk!


Allison and Luana