Family Promise is an Interfaith Alliance in the Salt Lake area that assists recently homeless families to get back their feet with temporary shelter and support. Wasatch is a founding member and hosts 4 families once each quarter, providing them with access to our facility and the loving care of our congregation. Many opportunities are available to volunteer including hosting the families, cooking meals, setup/teardown for the week, and laundry.  For more information, contact our Family Promise Chair, Allison Clements, at

Upcoming Hosting Weeks

Wasatch Presbyterian is one of 13 hosting sites, and our turn is coming up November 26 through December 3. Please volunteer to help out!  No experience is required, and we will make sure you feel prepared and trained for any assignment you take on.

You can sign up before/after church at the Family Promise table, OR, even easier, you can sign up at this link: 

We have a few important remaining slots, so if you are available, we would love to have you join us for this important program.

  • 11/26 (Sunday) - 2:30 - 5:30pm - Day Host - Be present at the church to answer questions and attend to needs.
  • 11/28 (Tuesday) - 6pm - 8pm - Dinner Host - Help prepare, deliver, and serve dinner. There would be another person to share this with you.
  • 12/2 (Saturday) - 8pm - 9am - Overnight Host - Stay over in church (in private room) to be present and attend to questions and needs (curfew is 9pm). 
  • 12/3 (Sunday) - 9am - Noon AND Noon - 3pm - Day Host - Be present at the church to answer questions and attend to needs.
  • 12/3 (Sunday) - 11am - 1pm - Help Tear Down and Clean Up after guests leave
  • 12/3 (Sunday) - Laundry - Take 1/4 of the laundry home and return it the following Sunday.

For information, contact Allison Clements ( or Luana Uluave (