September 14, 2017

Join us this Sunday for the first day of Sunday School!  Children under 4 will meet in the nursery, 4 year olds-6th graders will have a kickoff party in the gym, and Youth will meet in the Loft, all beginning at 10:10. For more information email

From now through the end of December, the office is looking for a temporary Office Assistant on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, from 9am-12pm.  Tasks would include reception and miscellaneous office support.  Contact Rebecca Sandulli if interested or if you would like more information -

A sincere thank you to all for your patience with, and support for, the new building policies concerning access and security. For those who missed the September Bridge Builder article outlining these recent changes, please click here to read Pastor Scott's letter. 

Coffee Hour refreshments are needed! Sign up on the clipboards in Fellowship Hall. It's easy: drop off your refreshments on the way to service and you're done! Congregational Life will take care of set up and clean up.

Please note that our Family Promise guests are in residence at Wasatch through Sunday, so be mindful of their presence in our Sunday School classrooms, gym and kitchen. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out this week in this important ministry!

The Scripture for this Sunday is Matthew 18:21-35.

Service at Wasatch

Support Presbyterian Disaster Assistance’s emergency response and long-term recovery work in the areas affected by recent hurricanes by writing a check to Wasatch Pres. Church with “hurricane assistance” in the memo.
The Service Committee collected 207 lbs. of food that has been delivered to Crossroads Pantry. They are requesting cereal for September/ October. Please continue bringing your donations: they are much appreciated!
The Deacons at Wasatch can use your help! Volunteer to drive those without transportation to church meetings and events, and to make (or purchase) and deliver meals to those in need.  Contact the Church Office to sign up.
Paul & Leora Hewitt will lead a group from Wasatch visiting Chiang Mai School in January.  Please consider picking up school supplies and schoolyard toys such as pencils, paper, jump ropes, etc to donate to their efforts.

 Classes and Conversations

Adult Education: This Sunday's classes (at 10:10am)

  • Mary Jane Chase will lead a class on Religious Tolerance during the Protestant Reformation in Room 355
  • A lectionary discussion will be held in Room 356

Pastor's Book for September:  The Reformation: A Very Short Introduction by Peter Marshall
The Reformation was a seismic event in European history, one which left an indelible mark on the modern world. In this Very Short Introduction, Peter Marshall illuminates the causes and consequences of this pivotal movement in western Christianity. The Reformation began as an argument about what Christians needed to do to be saved, but rapidly engulfed society in a series of fundamental changes.. The complex legacy of the Reformation is  assessed. Its religious fervor produced remarkable stories of sanctity and heroism, and some extraordinary artistic achievements. But violence, holy war, and martyrdom were equally its products. A paradox of the Reformation--that it intensified intolerance while establishing pluralism--is one we still wrestle with today.
Discussion on this book will be led by Pastor Scott Tuesday, September 19 at 11:00am and again at 7:00pm in the church Library.