December 15, 2017

Blue Christmas:  Join us tomorrow, Saturday December 16th, for the Blue Christmas worship - a special service for those for whom the holidays are a difficult time.  6pm in Fellowship Hall.

Children's Christmas Program:  This Sunday the Children's Ministry will present a casual telling of the Nativity story during both worship services.  Be sure not to miss this special celebration of the season!  
Alternative Gift Market: This Sunday is the last Sunday to choose a gift in the name of a friend or relative to help abolish global poverty or renew our planet’s environment.  In Fellowship Hall after worship.

Giving Tree:  A reminder that all Giving Tree presents are due by this Sunday.  Please leave them in the basket by the tree in Fellowship Hall. Thank you to the many folks who have participated in this ministry - we had to refill the ornaments on the tree twice!
Youth Service Project: This Sunday from 12-3pm the Youth will bake cookies together & deliver them to those who are not able to leave their homes or those who may be having a difficult time this Christmas Season. Do you know someone who would benefit from receiving cookies and a holiday greeting from the youth this holiday season? If so, contact Dawn
Pastor’s Book Club: The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by  Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt. Tuesday, December 19th in the library at 11am & 7pm.
Soup Kitchen:  In the spirit of Christmas, you are invited to offer your family the chance to share their holiday spirit with some of our less fortunate friends. We need at least 20 helpers to make sandwiches in our gym at7p.m. on  Tuesday, December 26.  No age limit, it takes less than one hour.  On Wednesday, December 27, we serve at the St. Vincent de Paul dining room from 4:30 to 6:00pm.  You must be at least age 12 to help.  The address is 427 W. 200 S. Thanks for your support!

Christmas & New Years Worship:  All are invited to join us for worship this Christmas season:
· Christmas Eve morning 10am - one combined worship
· Christmas Eve evening 7pm - worship followed by cookie reception
· Christmas Eve evening 11pm - candlelight worship
· New Years Eve morning 10am - one combined worship
Christmas Week: Please note that the Church Office will be closed during the week of December 25th.  Staff will be accessible via phone & email.  The building will be available for use by the congregation from 9am-9pm each day, with key access. Anyone needing additional assistance or building access is encouraged to contact Rebecca Sandulli (415.205.1471) or Allan McInnis(801.638.0408).  Additionally, a reminder that the church voicemails now forward to staff emails, so we encourage all to use these voicemails as needed. 
Church Directories: The new church directories will be available in January, so be sure to submit any last photos by Wed Dec 20th. In the meantime, if you need addresses for Christmas cards, we can share a pdf version of the directory. Contact
Coffee Hour Refreshments:  Twice each Sunday we need refreshment donations for Coffee Hour. It’s Easy, Sign up on the clipboards in Fellowship Hall. Drop refreshments off 15 minutes before going to service & you’re done!
Confirmation: We will have confirmation for youth, 9th grade & older, beginning in late January. An informational meeting will be held at 12:15pmJanuary 14th for youth & parents who would like more details. Confirmation will be held for a series of ten one-hour sessions in a casual conversational format. We will explore the Christian faith, Presbyterian denomination, the role religion plays in society and our individual lives, and where we are at (and want to be) in our faith journeys. This is an open and accepting class where youth can ask questions without cliche answers. At the end of the ten sessions, participants will write their own faith statements and decide how they want to move forward in their individual faith journey. Contact Dawn for more information.
Scripture: The scripture this Sunday is Luke 2: 8-15

 Adult Education Classes and Conversations

· Room 356 - Readings from Christmas Literature, facilitated by Dick Wunder
· Room 355 - Lectionary Open Discussion