• Acolytes light candles at the beginning of the 11:15am worship service every Sunday.  
  • All 3rd-6th graders are invited and encouraged to serve as acolytes.  
  • The acolyte schedule is set by the Director of Children's Ministry, Hilary Lambert and sent by email to families. If you want to be a part and aren't on the list or need to make a change to the schedule, please contact Hilary.
  • Parents are encouraged to help support their child when serving as an acolyte by helping them dress, find the candlelighter, etc. 

Instructions for Acolytes

  • Plan to be in the Narthex (back of the sanctuary) by 11:05am. 
  • Put on a robe and a cord as a belt (from the hanging rack on the north side). See the liturgical calendar on the wall to the left of the robes for which color cord to wear. 
  • Grab a candlelighter and wait by the main doors to the sanctuary, to have the candle lit by one of the ushers. 
  • Walk down the main aisle when the ushers tell you it is time.  Most typically, acolytes enter during the chimes, after the announcements, or after the minute for mission.
  • Walk slowly down the main aisle, light your candle, and return slowly up the side aisle.
  • Return your candlelighters and robes, and either join your parents in worship or leave with your parents.  
  • Please ask the ushers if you need anything - they are always happy to help.

*If you need to change your acolyte duty, contact one of the other acolytes about switching or substituting for you.  Or contact Hilary Lambert at